How can we help?
Trail Rides

Reservations: Yes we reccomend that you make a reservation ASAP. If you are having problems booking online Please email us at or call us on  441-238-8212

Minimum Age: Minimum age to ride is 12years old

Health Requirements: Sorry - Please if you are pregnant do not ask to ride. This can be a strenuous activity & whilst every effort is made for those with health challenges to ride, Please consider any health limitations before booking and feel free to email or call us with specific questions or concerns.

Check-in: is at the Stables (50 Middle Road, Warwick) 30 minutes before your scheduled ride

Departure Time:Rides depart from the stables at the time stated on your reservation

Cancellations - We require 48 hours notice and will provide a full refund. Late cancellations are not refundable, if possible we will try to reschedule you. 

Hurricanes - The stable will be closed 24 hours prior to any potential hurricane threat

Bad Weather - If in doubt please call 238-8212. We do ride in light showers as they often blow over quickly. Weather in Bermuda can be very different in each Parish. Do not assume your ride is cancelled because it is raining where you are. If we are unable to ride due to bad weather we will attempt to reschedule you as we know how disappointing it is to miss out on our ride. Should it not be possible to reschedule we will provide a refund.

Yes our rides go to the beach

Early morning rides have an option to go in the water. Once people are on the beach we do not go to the water line.

Personal Items - We have storage facilities at the stables for your beach bags etc.

Cameras- Yes you may carry a camera but remember you will need two hands on the reins, so please have a neck strap on the camera.

Helmets - We provide riding helmets for your safety, (They are disinfected after each ride, but feel free to wear a head scarf etc under your helmet)

Shoes - PLEASE wear closed toe shoes. Sneakers are ideal or similar. PLEASE no stilletoes and preferably not flip flops which can fall off.

Clothing - Sensible attire appropriate for the weather. Shorts, capri and long pants for your legs & a comfortable top.


How to Reach US

The stables is at 50 Middle road in Warwick. (do not rely on Google maps which sometimes is incorrect) 

Bus - #8 Middle road - When getting on the Bus please advise the driver you are headed to Spicelands Horse Riding in Warwick, they are usually awesome & will let you know when your stop is coming up. There are bus Stops at the end of our drive way, 2 minutes walk from the road.

Taxi - you will need to order a Taxi if you are joining us for an early ride as the bus will not arrive on time

Mini Bus - Groups may wish to arrange a mini bus.

Mopeds - we have plenty of parking for those who are travelling by moped. 


Apples - YES our horses love apples, carrots, Mints and sugar cubes so feel free to bring them a treat!